Badger is the airbrushes legend: so it is every exciting their release of a new range of acrylic primers, called STYNYLREZ, created with on mind the airbrush.

No more clogging of the airbrush as often happened with acrylics primers: easy to use, and with a large choice of colors, to always find the one suiting your needs.

reIMG 0015insieme

A great primer helps the artist easily bring out every detail of the piece they’re finishing. It also ensures that the finish put
over it will last a lifetime. The ease of application, thin coat coverage, and exceptional adhesion and durability of STYNYLREZ
primers provide a detail enhancement and finish longevity unmatched by any primer before it.
It was our goal in developing STYNYLREZ primers to bring together the most comprehensive understanding of tools and tech-
niques used in model finishing preparation, and the priming process, to create the best primer ever. STYNYLREZ is the result
of over fifty years of finishing equipment design knowledge coming together with the insights and direction of the most accom-
plished modelers in the world. Our goal was achieved. STYNYLREZ primers are the best primers ever.

reIMG 0012


~Simple and easy application
~Self leveling – detail enhancing coverage
~Excellent adhesion and durability
~Dries to hard flat finish ( except black gloss )
~For use on plastics (styrene, vinyl, resin), metals, woods, various other substrates
~Applicable with brush, airbrush, pad, etc.
~Safe, waterbase acrylic polyurethane formulation
~Simple and easy clean up
~Available in twelve base tones





There are many video reviews around about this new product, but we wanted to propose you the one of a famous and severe YouTuber, Doogs’ Models. This guy is probably the best Master around in the Black Basing method, where the primer is very important. Let’s see his detailed test of the product:



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