And here it is: to celebrate with you the Black Friday, we chose from our wide range of professional Tweezers for Modelers, 6 assorted items, to cover any possible needs in our hobby, and we will offer it to all our customers in the European Union at only € 24.90 SHIPPING INCLUDED.
But remind: only November the 

Black Friday 2017



for all the European Countries (UK included)





Black Friday is a holiday that by now is celebrated worldwide. As you know, we do not have yet an e-commerce store, but still, we wanted to offer you something special, truly Amati style, for the Black Friday.
As you know we have a huge range of tools, so we got this idea: we selected 6 different models of tweezers, to cover all the needs that a modeler can have, and decided to offer it at a very special price, shipping included, for Black Friday.

Why is this promotion for European Countries only?
Quite simple: the shipping cost. On intercontinental shipping, the cost is too high and would affect too much the final price…




  • Just send us an email at   (possibly writing in the subject  “Black Friday). 
  • We will send at your email address a PayPal payment request.
  • When you receive it, just go to your Paypal account and pay as usual
  • We will ship the set to you.




Our tools are well known for the quality of their materials, chosen to provide you the best reliable experience.
Tweezers are one of the most important weapons in the modeler’s arsenal, but different task often requires different tweezer.

Se based on our experience as modelers we looked at what is in our catalog  and selected these 6 models.


the bite The Bite

These tweezers have a special feature: you do not to press to keep the piece steady.
So they are perfect for task like for example painting a small part that cannot be handled by hand.

the gripper

The Gripper

Fully covered with a special material, that will give you the max comfort: you can use them for hours without to get tired.
The color is a wonderful Red Ferrari, just to stay in Italy, and the nose is bent.


the lightweight The Lightweight

This model was designed to be lightweight as possible: as you can see there are holes in the body, just as you can find in the seat of a WWII plane, to reduce the weight.
The nose is straight and very pointy, for precision’s jobs.

the slider The Slider 

Wanna some tweezers that you can tailor for your own needs? Here they are! The Slider has a unique feature, that allows to fine-tune the amount of pressure necessary to “close” it.

the slim The Slim 

Very long and slim, with very pointed nose for precise jobs and to reach any spot of the model. You will love this model.

the workhorse The Workhorse 

For everyday tasks, when you need tweezers that are reliable, robust and with a very pointy and precise bent nose. And always with a great comfort in your hands.



This means that you can buy it here only on November 24 – 25 – as explained earlier. Outside this range of time, you can buy them at regular price only on regular stores.

So… enjoy the video and have a nice Black Friday from Amati Model!



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