An original idea for the most appreciated gift… the warmth feeling of the wood, for a model that requires only white glue to be assembled !

animali cover tigre copy

In fact, all the parts of these models are pre-punched on the wood sheets: all what you have to do is to press on them and… voilà! (for a perfect result a quick sanding on the borders is helpful as well).

Then you just glue the pieces on the top of each other, and in a few minutes the model will come alive under your eyes. A children cannot ask for more, and you will know that your gift is a truly intelligent one, that can help a young boy or girl to develope her manual skill and to learn the art of patience.

But these models are perfect also for the most passionate and expert modeler…

They are original subjects, and the precious look of the wood will look just amazing, wherewer the models are exposed.

And they are perfect for a refreshing week-end build. There is a wide range of subjects, on 2 or 4 sheets:

  • Racehorse – dimensions 20x18cm – 4 sheets – code 500/01
  • Tiger – dimensions 27x8cm – 4 sheets – code 500/02
  • Adult elephant – dimensions 14x13cm – 4 sheets -code 500/04
  • Colt –  dimensions 14×12 cm – 2 sheets – code 300/01
  • Butterfly mask –  dimensions 17×8 cm – 2 sheets – code 300/02
  • Seashell –  dimensions 10×8.5 cm – 2 sheets – code 300/03
  • Baby elephant –  dimensions 12×8 cm – 2 sheets – code 300/04


full 500 01 full 500 02

full 500 04 

full 300 01 full 300 02

full 300 03 full 300 04


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