Try to do a search for Electric Plank Bender on Google: you will see that the Amati is the most famous one, and since many years.

What the reasons of this success?




  • Because it has been designed to be a wood plank bender, and not as a soldier !
  • When in your hand, you see the details making the difference:
  • You don’t have to worry about the best temperature, because the one on the round head is the proper one for the planking job
  • The round head is not just of the perfect shape, but also perfect size, for the planking job that a modeler has to do
  • It comes with a special designed wooden pattern with different curves, to make any planking easier
  • It fits on your hand just perfectly: the weight isn’t too heavy or too light, but the right one for its job
  • It is strong and resistant: made to be a lifelong tool.

Just place your strip on the wooden form and heat it by moving the plank bender over it several times.



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