Planking the hull is perhaps the most delicate operations in building a ship model: that’s why we wanted to provide you a simple, effective tool to deal with this job.

Schermata 202

This Clamps set is the result of our confrontation with many modelers: we carefully listened their needs, and worked to find a simple, affordable and truly effective solution.

Introducing Amati Clamps Set


Mollette per fasciame Render 2


These aren’t normal clamps, but a product developed for the modelers: for the novice, to make simplier a task that sometime isn’t; and for the exper modelers, to provide an effective tool to male the life… more comfortable.

They are quiet easy to assemble, as you can see in the video. And they are lifelong lasting.

Thanks to Sebastian and DevMa Models channel on YouTube and DevMa Models page on Facebook for this great video!



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