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Amati Models
Italian art of model building

Founded in Turin in 1879 Amati is initially known as a specialist in the art of tunneling. For over 130 years, Amati has been committed to offering enthusiasts the best products and the latest technologies thanks to the collaboration of designers, draftsmen and modellers.

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In our catalog you can find a wide range of equipment to meet your needs: from real tools to spare parts. Browse our site to discover our entire offer.

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A wide and varied choice of models: from the most beautiful and well-known America Cups to the historic Sailing Ships, from motorboats to submarines.

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Designed and created by modellers for model makers, these tools will satisfy the needs of those who want to dedicate themselves to modeling and more.

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Minuteria and accessories in wood and metal useful to the model maker to complete, enrich and revise his models.

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In our catalog you can find glues, wooden boards, strips, profiles, metals, polyester, acetate, micro-profiles, MDF boards and much more.

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