Give an Amati Gift Card

Indulge your loved ones in just a few clicks! Birthday, Christmas or just because you want to ... Send a personalized gift card by email to the address of your choice.

How to create your voucher

  1. Gift voucher delivery mode. Choose if you want to send it to the recipient or receive it directly yourself
  2. Select gift voucher type. Choose the model that best suits your needs among our proposals
  3. Gift Voucher details. Choose the amount and create your dedication for the gift

How to use

  1. The amount of the voucher will be usable on all products on our site.
  2. The voucher is valid for 1 months from the moment of activation.
  3. The voucher must be used for a single purchase for an amount equal to or greater than the value of the voucher itself. Otherwise the remaining sum will not be reusable for subsequent orders.

Activation method

The voucher is considered active:

  1. if printed independently, at payment confirmation.
  2. if sent via email to the recipient, from the date the email was sent.

1 Gift voucher delivery mode:

The gift voucher will be sent by email to the recipient as soon as your payment has been confirmed. You can also choose to send it later by selecting the desired date below:

2 Select gift voucher type

3 Gift voucher details


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