Amati Model tutorials

On this page you can find the tutorials made to illustrate the construction methods and techniques of the main Amati Model kits.

Video tutorial: Endeavour

Having won the first two heats, the schooner Endeavour had staked her claim on the America’s Cup, and the third race proved to be the most exciting of all. But destiny was not going to let Sir Thomas Sopwith to walk away with the Auld Mug. His rival Rainbow won by barely a length.

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Video tutorial: Pinta 1492

Apart from Columbus’s own logbooks, Spanish literature gives few details about the two caravels that accompanied the Santa Maria on its Atlantic voyage.
Originally, Niña and Pinta were lateen rigged caravels.
It is known they belonged to the Pinzon brothers who took part in the historic voyage as captains.
On reaching the Canaries, Pinta was fitted out as a square rigger.
This operation required replacement of the mast and led to a four week delay.
Christopher Columbus always referred to his flagship as “Nao”, and the other two simply as “the caravels”.

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Video tutorial: Modelling class with the Lady Nelson

The cutter Lady Nelson is modelled on a typical British cutter of the late eighteen century. The cutter is a native British design and was originally developed by the smugglers of Folkestone and surrounding areas. It didn’t take long for the Navy to appreciate the merits of the cutter’s design and they were widely used from the mid-eighteenth century, precisely to counter smuggling.

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